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RIEGL | Distancemeters | Series LD90-3-GF
Series LD90-3-GF

The distance and level meter RIEGL LD90-3-GF with glass-fiber coupled optical head makes use of the time-of-flight method to determine the distance of a remote target by measuring the transit-time between transmission and reception of a short laser pulse. 

Distance measurements can be performed to both non-cooperative and cooperative targets with high accuracy, interference immunity, and excellent reliability. The serial interface allows communication and operation of the instrument. Furthermore, the RIEGL LD90-3-GF can be equipped with the various digital and analog data outputs frequently used in industry.

The measuring system consists of an optical head and a separate electronics box connected by a duplex glass-fiber cable. The optical head can be operated in exposed environments (like high temperature areas), whereas the electronics box can be remotely installed in a protected area.

Main Applications
  • Distance and level measurements in high-temperature areas
  • Level measurement of liquid steel in melting pots or in transfer ladles
  • Robotic applications in nuclear power plants
  • Measurement of the position, width, and thickness or glowing slabs in rolling mills
  • Sensor for ship docking
  • Laser altimeter
  • Crane coordinate measurement
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